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[SLUG] PHP experts

Hi all.

I'm in the process of (attempting to) set up a SourceForge site. I'm
told that I'll be giving a talk about it at the SLUG meeting next week,
so I'll save the whats and whys for then.

I am having difficulty with this fine (cough!) PHP language, in
particular its habit of responding to errors by closing the output and
returning success (HTTP 200) instead of, say, generating an error
message somewhere. In the extreme case, the web browser pops up a
dialogue saying "Document contains no data". Perhaps the designers of
PHP, bearing the special needs of beginners in mind, took inspiration
from the design of Zaphod Beeblebrox's "Peril Sensitive Sunglasses". I
have configured php3.ini for verbose logging to a file, and some kinds
of errors do appear there, but most cause the behaviour described above.
This would be annoying if I was developing new code in PHP, but when
attempting to install >37000 lines of someone else's (HTML+PHP) code,
it's a disaster. The PHP FAQ tells me that what is happening is that PHP
is "having some trouble" and has dumped core. The former is clearly
true, but not much help, the latter is neither, no processes are
terminating, no cores are being dumped.

So, I'm looking for local PHP experts who may be willing to (a) kibbutz
and/or (b) roll up their sleevs and have a look.

Any takers?

- Raz