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Re: [SLUG] Warriors of the net


>        Just watched Warriors of the net (downloaded the preview, and
> thought it was cool, then downloaded the full 146Mb in about 8 hours,
> in 4 sessions) and the only things i can see wrong with it is...

Um, Jason was having a go at Optus. While they don't need me to boost
them, I downloaded the 153 Meg file in four minutes from aarnet.

Of course, wait till everyone in the street does that :)

The movie is a bit quirky, ('I P for peace', 'without regard to
race, color or creed', 'packet handed to Mr IP').

I'll try to remember to burn a CD and bring it Friday week.

Anyone recomend a good viewer that does greyscale on eight bit
display cards?

* mpeg_play - but no sound
* smpeg (aka plaympeg) - 16 bit minimum. Has some dithering code but needs
* kmpg - seemed to not work for me, the mpeglib stuff looks really good,
  needs a good viewer
* mtvp - not libre, but does a good job. Doesn't sync that well?