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Re: [SLUG] Linux + Cable Internet ?

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On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Mighty Dragon wrote:

> I am about to get the cable internet, wonder if Linux ( redhat ) would
> support the Cable,


> I will run a Linux web server at home,

No you won't, not on Optus, or if you have an unlimited account with

> spoken to guys at Telstra and Optus, could not get any confirmed
> information.

They will not help you to get it installed, and require you to have
Windows on the/a machine for the installation.

> Cable installation comes with either an external USB or internal card,
> my understanding is that redhat does not seem to support USB.  Any
> suggestion out there ? Please help. Much appreciated.

Linux supports USB, upgrade your distribution if your current version
doesn't support it.

I'd probably go with the NIC as opposed to the USB adapter though.


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