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Re: [SLUG] Org charting tool (was using Linux)

Jamie Honan wrote:
> > Basically you just plug this baby into your HR system (staff database)
> > This save ALOT of time, and in our situation pays for itself many
> > times over
> But saves time how? The web site http://www.timevision.com seems

Saves time so when there are staff movements a human doesn't need to
update the "org charts" they just go into the hr system, change the
emplyees cost centre and bingo the the orgchart is updated the staff
memeber reports to the new manager, the the slary cost is update etc etc
etc all in the ORG charts, so I could go and look Senior Manager Joe
bloggs see that he has:

150 Staff
100 FTE's
12 Maternity leave
1 Exteended Leave
$xxxx.00 budgeted staff cost
$xxxx.00 actual staff cost,

all in the org chart w/o every query the non user friendly hr system, at
the end of the days the "PHB's" (now I know what i means !!!) wnat
pretty colours and instant stats, they want to bee able to drill down
from staff member to staff member, this may simple when there is less
100 staff, but when you have 2500 + staff to look after it works really

> to be promoting it as an internal contact list manager.
Sure whatever, but its primary use is for ORG CHARTING. that what is
does, any other uses and just that other uses.

> PHB plaything?
Maybe, maybe not, I know that when I took the Org Chart box offline
recently to install a raid card in it, I got heaps of calls from the
call centre thru to the PHB's ask where it was :)


Mehmet Ozdemir