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Re: [SLUG] Web Mail & Chats

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 07:19:14PM -0700, Lewis Kyc uttered:

> I have just installed Redhat 6.2 on my server, running a hobby project, I
> would like to install the webmail programs such as IMP on to the server, has
> anyone done it before? Or, I would appreciate if people can tell me some
> better webmail programs, preferably written in Perl, Java or PHP?

IMP leaves a lot to be desired.  When the NT "security manager" at a
certain web comany whose stock is dropping fast decided that outgoing
ssh sessions were a security risk I was forced to use IMP to get my
reliable, non-Exchange email.

The link was very congested so it was incredibly slow.  This wasn't
helped by IMP's big interface -- in particular the fact that it loads
EVERY mailbox in your mail directory into <SELECT> boxes.  Look at
Jeff's suggestions.

(The postscript of my stoush with the security guy was that I ran a port
scan internally to find out which ports were still open and found that
ftp was still wide open!  And did I get a phone call asking WTF I was
doing scanning ports?  Course not -- security on NT is set-and-forget
right?  Bwahahaha.  Glad I'm not a shareholder.)

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