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RE: [SLUG] Should Linux companies be using Linux exclusively?

Short answer - Yes, if it does what they need it to do.
If the company is supposed to be promoting the use of Linux exclusively,
then I believe they should be seen to be using Linux, especially when it
comes to promotional material, anything that a potential customer can see.
If OTOH the company is a heterogenous shop (eg IBM) they may well use
anything that takes their fancy and is not specifically disallowed by

I disagree about the comments that "anyone can use Windows". That's been
done to death in other postings; it's a matter of training.

In other industries, employees are often given specific training to use and
promote the company's product. I just feel that some of the Linux specific
companies are a little immature and have grown too quickly to have policies
in place yet, and this can result in embarrassments such as the example

- Jill.

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