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Re: [SLUG] Netscape menu fonts (potato)

> Nick Croft wrote:
> Guys,

Some of the, well, not-male of us will have your head for that assumption! ;)

> I've customised my install of potato to my liking over the past few
> weeks. Everything's working fine, printer, apt-get, windowmanager, pine -
> you name it.

Yay. Another Debian user. :)

> EXCEPT Netscape.

As is the end of many positive Linux stories!

> I can't get the menu fonts down to a decent
> (small) size. It's bugging me.

Here's the relevant bit of my .Xdefaults file:

Netscape*XmLGrid*fontList: lucidasans-8
Netscape*foreground: rgb:c0/c0/c0
Netscape*background: rgb:60/60/80
Netscape*XmLGrid.background: rgb:60/60/80
Netscape*XmLGrid.foreground: rgb:c0/c0/c0
Netscape*XmList.background: rgb:60/60/80
Netscape*XmList.foreground: rgb:c0/c0/c0
Netscape*topShadowColor: rgb:30/30/60
Netscape*bottomShadowColor: rgb:30/30/60

You may find that a bit wild for your tastes. For the relevent lines, mental
grep for font. Then you *must*

  xrdb -merge .Xdefaults

unless xdm/gdm do that for you.

- Jeff

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