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Re: [SLUG] Should Linux companies be using Linux exclusively?

Just remember that it us unlikely that they employ all linux gurus or
think about the people who are just normal data entry plebs, or
reception and stuff
windows is ideal for them as they dont need to be trained in it. hiring
people for
such position who have linux experience would simply be a waste of
Surely a copy of windows pays for itself very quickly when your paying
staff less....

And for reception or marketing or whatever who cares?? I mean you can
picket for linux
all you want. But when your running a business i dont think you have the
same room
to move that you do at home etc. Im not talking servers and stuff, as
youll pay through
the nose for good support anyway, by why hire skilled staff when you
only need skilled
staff... and lets face it, some people cant even handle the simplicity
of "start"
lets not confuse them more =)


Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hey all,
> One of the benefits (*cough*) of being listed as a committee member is that you
> get all the 'cool' announcements delivered politely in your mailbox without any
> warning.
> One of the things that surprises me is the number of 'Linux company
> representatives' who manage to send either proprietary format attachments,
> or seem to be sending their mail from something *very not* Linux.
> My usual reaction to these (especially the attachment ones) is to
> courteously press the 'D' key. The trouble is, that many of these emails are
> coming from major players who really do have an influence on the day-to-day
> world of Linux.
> Even companies such as RedHat and VA Linux are reported to run non-Linux
> operating systems in some areas.
> Obviously this argument comes down to the pragmatic use of 'the best tool
> for the job' or sticking to what many of us feel are the community's ideals.
> Sticking to Free Software (or open source), and as many developers say,
> "Eating what you serve."
> Is this a failure of the companies involved? A lack of support for the
> community? Should we expect more from the companies who are taking Linux to
> the rest of the world?
> - Jeff
> The following email, with headers trimmed and email address edited
> (although yes, it was an AOL address) prompted my questioning. Given the
> content, I found it especially funny:
> >From *****@aol.com  Tue Jul 18 19:35:06 2000
> From: *****@aol.com
> Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 05:34:07 EDT
> Subject: Stallman dialogues
> To: webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
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> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
> X-Mailer: AOL 4.0 for Windows 95 sub 107
> Status: RO
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> Lines: 12
> You and your members may be interested in the Richard Stallman dialogues
> appearing daily at LinuxToday.com. The series will run for about 30 days. The
> current series is about copyright philosophy, but most of them deal with how
> to compensate free developers and defeat proprietary.
> This is part of a recruitment drive to gather the forces of free software to
> defeat proprietary. Please tell your friends.
> Best regards,
> *****
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