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Re: [SLUG] Specify which processes run on which processor

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> > Seriously though, _where_ in the world do you get these figures ? I had
> > no idea there's a "retail" price for bandwidth.
> Whatta ya think Ozemail pays for bandwidth?
> Big puddle? Zip?  It all depends on who your supplier is
> and who you talk to.
> A contract for a 10 Mbps link ain't gonna cost 19c/MB :)

I beg to differ.

If you buy from Telstra, it doesn't matter HOW much bandwidth you buy -
the bastards charge you the same rate - BTDT. I had almost 5 meg in one
place - same fscking rate.

OzEmail bring their bandwidth in mostly by their own links - ditto Optus
and a few others - but Zip, for example, pays various rates depending
which peering providor/connect point it gets the bandwidth from - and yes,
for its Telstra link, it _is_ 19 cents a meg {well, 12, because they push
through the proxy}. Sure, for the links to other providors, it's less -
but they pay for it all.