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RE: [SLUG] Linux on the desktop predictions

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Jill Rowling wrote:

> I am starting to think that Linux is getting closer to being the "OS for
> every occasion" than it was say 6 months ago. What's stopping it at the
> moment ? Well nothing really ... 

I set up a linux box to replace a mac which every fool in at work had to
use, and finished up going back to a mac. Sure I never had to reboot the
linux box, but I often had to go in and get apps restarted, or re-log in.  
You forget how much easier it is for an ignoramus to simply reboot. That
may be an offensive idea on this list, but not to the average win/mac user
or non-user.

This mailing list is a very skewed sample.

Linux desktop has to get MUCH simply to take over.