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Re: [SLUG] Linux on the desktop predictions

I believe you're absolutely right.
I have hardly ever used the w95/98/nt interface (only a bit of
w3.11, more dos) but have used unix of some description (CLI
at least) for yonks.  Still I cannot get either my chicks
w95 PC or the nt machine at work to do what I want, I either
fiddle for ages and find the "long way" of doing it
or ask someone else.  When people say M$ stuff is intuitive
I laugh in their face, it's only intuitive to someone who is
used to it.


Rick Welykochy <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have been propounding a theory that a complete 'puter illiterate would have
> no more trouble starting with the Linux desktop than with Windoze. Interesting
> result, Howard!  [Windoze zealtos often argue the opposite, usually because
> their memories of starting on Windows are faded and coloured by marketing hype]
> I am concerned that Windoze-literates learn some v.bad computing
> habits and have very low expectations of quality, i.e.
> (*) data loss is expected and can occur frequently on computers
> (*) it is customary to re-boot your computer daily or more often
> (*) it is not unusual to re-install your O/S/ from scratch every few
>     months or whenever there is a system glitch
> (*) it is customary to pay exhorbitant support fees and often receive
>     little or no help with your problem
> (*) trust-model security is the accepted and most secure way to address
>     data privacy, protect data integrity and avoid damaging virii
> (*) propriety formats are "standard" and do not lock the user down
>     to the whims of a particular vendor
> We need to educate! educate! educate!
> Cheers
> Rick W