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RE: [SLUG] Kickarse GIMP Plugins (and stuff)

I have a mouse and tablet connected in parallel to my mac. I rarely use
the tablet as a substitute for the mouse. The tablet is excellent for what
it was intended - it double clicks, is pressure sensitive.. all sorts of
good stuff. The advantage of the mouse is that it stays where you leave
it. With a tablet, you have to put the pen down. When you pick it up, it
can be anywhere on the screen.

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Rodos wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, David wrote:
> > Does anyone know if its possible to make Wacom tablets work with it? My
> > one has an apple adb port connection.
> I was thinking over the weekend of getting one of these. My main reason is
> that I am getting sore wrists and was wondering if a tablet and pen would
> be better instead of hanging onto a mouse for hours on end. I try to just
> stick to the keyboard these days but there are still periods of heavy
> mouse usage.
> Can you use the pen as a mouse replacement? Do you draw to move the mouse
> and press to click?
> Am I nuts or this something to persue?
> Rodos