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Re: [SLUG] IP Addressing/Subnetting The Easy Way...

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Dean Hamstead wrote:

> Anyway so i put my address in as 
> 192.168.1. 40 
> with a subnet of
> "it" (being the tcpip stack of X favourite OS) will know im refering to 
> the block
> thru 

Correctimundo. Well, provided the IP stack understands subnet masking
properly - no guarantees with M$ stuff. :-)

> ok thats pretty cool
> when i make my route however, what is the network?? (or -net x.x.x.x )

The network address will be, with the same subnet mask. You
_must_ specify the subnet mask, or the routing software will either error
out, or ignore you and assume as the network address.