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Re: [SLUG] Linux on the desktop predictions

Jamie Honan wrote:
> Danny gazes into his crystal ball, and sees through the glass
> darkly:
> You've got to justify yourself a bit Danny :)
Yes, yes, hence all my disclaimers.

> Then you'd have to look at what overtaking means. Do absolute numbers
> grow, but market share declines?
For MacOS, definitely.  Its market share is dropping steadily, even
though Apple keeps shipping lots numbers of machines.

> The first thing is to nail down a bit better some definitions:
> desktop systems - this I take it would not include games consoles, but
> would include general purpose devices which are largely used for
> games (see the muddying?)
> Would this include thin clients? Say machines running Citrix type
> clients?
> What about embedded systems? 
> I suppose every machine used is a 'market segment of one', and
> grouping classes of machines is a convenient abstraction, but
> is also a trap.

Definitely, but given I'm guessing anyway, I don't know that the vagueness
of the boundaries makes much difference :-)

> Remember, the crisis only happens at the end. Until then, it's
> deckchair squabbles.

I'm really just curious as to what others think the future holds for
Linux -- something in between the arguments about current deployments
and the long-term "we will take over the world/no we won't" debates.