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[SLUG] OT - Lunar Eclipse

This has very little to do with Linux, except they both start with an
'L', but I thought people might be interested to hear that there's going
to be a lunar eclipse tomorrow night (Sunday). Mentioned on page 10 of
this weekends 'Australian' -  Australia seems to be the best situated
spot in the world to watch it. Begins about 10 pm, midway is 12, and
then finished a bit before 2 am. Should be worth watching - this is the
longest total eclipse of the century or something like that. Here's a
link to some info
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~homer/eclipse/l160700.html>. Point those
webcams at the sky, and make history! I can see the headlines now -
'Linux Lithographs Lunar Lunacy!!' (OK, maybe not lithographs - I was
carried away by the assonance of it all ;-).