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Re: [SLUG] Replacement for Netscape Mail

On Sat, Jul 15, 2000 at 07:57:33PM +1000, Jeff Waugh uttered:

> mailboxes \
> `find ~/mail -type f ! -regex ".*Sent$" ! -regex ".*/\..*" | tr '\n' ' '`

I use procmail to filter email lists into mail files starting with IN.*
and then mutt finds them with:

mailboxes /var/spool/mail/simon ~/mbox \
                `find ~/Mail -name "IN.*" | xargs echo`

Also another cool thing is the Insidious Big Brother Database which gets
a copy of all the non-mailing list email I receive from procmail.  I can
then type Q in mutt and query that database of addresses using first
name, last name, domain etc etc.

set query_command="lbdbq %s

> Read also Simon Rumble's thoughts on remote mailreading. Whilst I like a GUI
> mailreader, and having everything in front of me at once, there's nothing
> like remembering an email you read and ssh'ing in for it.

And if you can't find it, grepmail -i blah Mail/* |less

Very very cool :)

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