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[SLUG] Email Programs - specifically, EUDORA


In an attempt to convert SHMBO from EvilWare to Linux
for the majority of computing tasks, I have hit a small

Office-type applications are a non-issue, with my copy
of ApplixWare 5.0 arriving shortly. Databases can be
read from an EvilWare box via ODBC, and most, if not
all, documents and spreadsheets can be successfully read
or converted.

My snag is email - SHMBO likes EUDORA, and I must admit
I do as well. Yes, there's pine, elm, mutt, and so
forth, and I guess I *could* run Eudora under WINE or
VMWARE (but not on this box - P233MMX/96Mb RAM).

Does anyone know of an Eudora-equivalent or, preferably,
a Linux version of Eudora (yes, I have asked Qualcomm,
but no reply as yet).

(On holidays, sorting out a garage full of computers...)