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Re: [SLUG] Going around in circles

David wrote:

> I'm trying to install mailman, which requires python 1.5.2, which in turn
> requires tkinter 1.5.2. RH6 comes with python 1.5.1. and tkinter 1.5.1.
> I would really appreciate some one taking the trouble to follow the steps
> below and tell me what I've done wrong, and what I should have done

Try rpm -U python-1.5.2...(full name) and rpm -U tkinter-1.5.2...(full
name) to upgrade instead of install. Or else try rpm -q python, and rpm
-q tkinter to check that they're installed, which version, then rpm -e
python, rpm -e tkinter to uninstall them (no version numbers). Then try
installing the updated versions.