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Re: Mouse ball theft (wasRe: [SLUG] Red Hat Slagging)

Matthew Dalton <matthewd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > Chuck and I had stuff stolen out of his car (broken window and all) after we
> > did the Docbook talk. Funnily enough, they didn't take the OpenBSD box.
> The moral of the story is: If you must leave valuable items in the car,
> never ever leave them in plain sight from the outside of the car.

and even then you're still not safe.
A car I once had was broken into in the car park of our units.
I was about to sell the car so there was absolutely nothing
in the car (at all!).  They still got in, checked it out then
left it.  Luckily no damage, the only nuisance was they left
the door ajar so the interior light was on and the battery
was too flat to start it the next morning.