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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat Slagging

This may not be a great help, but about a couple of years ago there was a
paper put out by some academic which described how he reloaded entire
teaching laboratories between classes.  Basically he used Linux to
reinstall Winboxes.

I have no idea what the URL is, perhaps someone else might come up with a

LANNet Computing Associates <http://www.lannet.com.au>

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Heracles wrote:

> Simon,
> Please tell me how you stop the "gremlins" from changing the system. We have a similar
> number of systems and our computer coordinator spends almost of his three hours per
> week (the time he is allowed off class to do the job of keeping the networks going)
> reinstalling win98, removing viruses and replacing unimportant files like command.com
> and io.sys that the students like to delete - just before they turn the system off
> without shutting down.
> Changing from windows is not an option as the DET have supplied the "Microsoft Set" to
> all state schools and expect it to be used.