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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat Slagging

Simon Bryan wrote:

> Another 2 cents (plus GST) worth from a long term newbie......
> My job involves managing a school network, our primary aim is to be able to
> provide the services that the users want (teachers and students) note they
> are NOT 'lusers', they are the reason I have a job (and possibly many of you
> as well). If they were all experts they would not need me,


> I am learning stuff every day: how to support 1000 users on only 100
> machines with 15 printers, email, web browsing, application software,
> network security, anti-viral and anti-intrusion protection, video, cd, dvd and
> the development of in-house applications with just two of us
> Seems some people don't want Linux to reach the mass market and
> seriously chalenge MS - which would be a good thing - I would like myself
> and my users to have a much greater choice.
> Having got that off my chest I will go back to lurking and hopefully learning
> some more.

Please tell me how you stop the "gremlins" from changing the system. We have a similar
number of systems and our computer coordinator spends almost of his three hours per
week (the time he is allowed off class to do the job of keeping the networks going)
reinstalling win98, removing viruses and replacing unimportant files like command.com
and io.sys that the students like to delete - just before they turn the system off
without shutting down.
Changing from windows is not an option as the DET have supplied the "Microsoft Set" to
all state schools and expect it to be used.

Stay well and happy