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Re: [SLUG] Red Hat Slagging


Maybe our poor friend Peter shouldn't have _bothered_ with Linux, because
Linux is only for techies or people who want to _learn_ heaps about it??  

Before most of the 87% of the Windoze-(ab)using population will ever want
to _learn_ something about their operating system, minimum requirement is
that they _LOVE_ their operating system. They won't love their operating
system unless they can first install it and use it.

I know plenty of nice, sincere people who really want a better
alternative, but who are freaked out by:

tar fxvz blah.tar.gz
cd blah-x.y
./configure --prefix=/some/where
make install
/some/thing/else/appname &

... and they won't use Linux unless its easier than that. I think SLUG has
a responsibility to help and encourage those taking what for them is a
scary plunge into Linux. Newbies shouldn't feel like SLUG is an exclusive
club where only the 3l1t3 can be members.

Good on you Peter for giving Linux a go, taking the effort to learn, and
using the tools that make life easier for you. I'm glad you've got
somewhere. :-)

David S..

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Alexander Else wrote:

> You might have had to learn something.
> At 18:12 12/07/2000 +1000, Peter Nelson wrote:
> >I know this is very late in the conversation, but being newish to Linux and
> >Unix I would have been up sh1t street without RPM and GNORPM.
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