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[SLUG] InstallFest Announcement

                        You've read it in the news,

                        You've seen it on Slashdot,

                            Now it's time for...

                          SLUG's InstallFest 2000!

As we've partially announced before, SLUG is holding InstallFest at
Macquarie Uni on August 26th, part of the national InstallFest season called
InstallFest 2000.

If you're interested in helping out, please subscribe to the mailing list
for this event at http://slug.org.au/lists/listinfo/festies

Web page coming soon.

There are heaps of things to help out with, and you don't have to be a guru
to get involved:

* Have access to a minibus?

  A couple of trips to nearby stations in the morning and evening would help
  out less mobile installers greatly.

* Know part of the installation routine backwards?

  We'd like to have helpers for each part of the installation to handle any
  strangeness that may turn up. As was mentioned at the recent SLUG meeting,
  we could conceiveably have "Handy Helpers" in everything from "Handy Stop
  X Damaging My Monitor With Evil Modelines Helper" to "Handy Heirarchical
  Filesystem Helper".

* Know a 'tough' Linux concept backwards?

  In addition to installing Linux, we'd like to give new users an idea of
  what they're getting themselves into. :) Simple concepts to us, such as
  the heirarchical filesystem, mounting and users vs. root, are pretty tough
  to handle first time. We'd like to have introductory talks to explain
  these things first off.

* Would you like to make the One Page Linux Manual more relevant?

  This would be a good quick project for any SLUGger to take up. The
  original was done in MS Word (!) and was fairly RedHat specific. It would
  be great to have a more modern one written, with Free Software tools, and
  with less reliance on any distro. We'd love to have this for InstallFest,
  user groups across the country could use it for theirs, and I'm sure
  whoever took it on would have a popular little project worldwide.

* Have something way cool to show off?

  Make new users drool! Demos of fun and wacky things to do with Linux are
  very welcome.

* Have a cool idea for the 'Fest?

  Well join in and be heard!

IF2K has already had international coverage, and the media interest is only
going to get bigger. There are lots of companies already interested in
helping us out too, so hopefully, this will be big!

- Jeff

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