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Re: More OT: Is tux gender specific ? (RE: [SLUG] OT: Geek/Linux apparel)

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Aravind Naidu wrote:

> I was reading Jon's email below, and Tux is a "him" ??
> That begs the question. Is Tux gender specific ?  Some of our fairer sex
> colleagues might take exception to that !!

What I take exception to is the linux mascot in general!
I was one of those who fought on the losing side - I wanted the Linux 
Mascot to be a platypus, which was what I had on the very first Linux CD 
I got my hands on.

To me, a platypus is far more appealing than a penguin.  I think it 
actually symbolises Linux far better too.  To me, Tux will always be 
the creation of sycophants who wanted to be on the "inner circle" with Linus.
He didn't care one way or the other what the mascot was.....


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