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Re: [SLUG] IMP: mailing list changes

>I've been working with Anthony Rumble on moving the mailing list over
>to the slug machine. We are almost there but today because of some
>configuration errors I made you may end up getting some email twice.

Hmmm.  No double-ups yet, but I had a bit of a delay between digest 
emails today.  Would this be the cause?
The old server sent out the digest a little after seven.  Today I 
received two at the usual time, then this:

Message 80 (27.6 kB) 
From: slug-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: Slug digest, Vol 1 #3 - 24 msgs 
Date: 22:15 Fri 07 Jul 2000 EST
Server problems?  Or time I got cable? :-)