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Re: [SLUG] Hardware problems (video)

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000, Jeffrey Borg wrote:

> going back to the agp S3/Virge GX/2 4mb card I had in it before but with

sometimes with agp they are not in properly. you really have to push them
in hard and try to see that they are all the way down into the slot. i
know this may seem super obvious but the agp cards seem overly prone to
problems because of the connector design. 

with pci i'd say it may be something in the bios settings regarding
PNP/PCI. try different settings is all i can think of now. (you probably
have already) turn on/off PNP/OS installed, turn on auto resources etc.

also if it's possible take out any other boards that you can. one of these
may be conflicting with the video, try a different network card, etc.


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