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[chat] 2wire 'router behind router' error

few month ago I connected to BigPond ADSL2+;

the LAN has 2wire ADSL on
Linksys 3102 (.3) and Linksys 2100 (.2) on fixed IP bridged;
one XP on fixed IP;
one intermittent XP on DHCP;

this morning any URL (except Bigpond) diverted to:


which is the ADSL modem/router and it said [1] "Router Behind Router
Detected Error"

the 'gateway.2wire.net' resolves to

Q: how does the gateway.2wire.net resolves to
is that in 2wire router DNS?

it seems quite nifty, when there is no conectivity, it diverts to router;

how would I set such with an arbitrary router, to divert to it on failure ?

Q: what could have caused this 'router behind router' error, intermittent
glitch ? it's 'gone away' now

the XP machine has a bluetooth dongle on, and, routing enabled
on LAN NIC for the bluettoth, is that a likely culprit ? (but IPs are
manually assigned)

Router Behind Router Detected
The Connection Monitor has detected a third party router connected to the
2Wire Gateway.

If you want to connect additional computers or devices to your network:

Click the Resolve button below to enable the Connection Manager to correct
the problem. There may be a delay of up to one minute while the Connection
Manager resolves the problem.

Click the Disable button below if you want to continue using your Router
behind Router.
WARNING: Many applications may not work in this case.

For detailed information regarding this issue, please click on the link

Router Behind Router Detection
The Connection Manager has detected a third party router connected to your
2Wire Gateway. This creates a condition where two routers each attempt to
manage devices behind a NAT. This can create instability in your network
and affect performance.

The Connection Manager can assign your third party router to DMZ Plus
Mode. This will allow both the 2Wire Gateway and third party router to
share the same public IP. Follow the instructions on the previous page to
assign your third party router to the DMZ.

If you need to share devices within a network, the recommended solution is
to attach a switch or hub to your 2Wire Gateway, and connect devices from
your network to the switch. In this configuration, the NAT capabilities of
your 2Wire Gateway will assign private IP addresses to the connected
devices, and allow those devices access to the internet via the public IP
issued by BigPond.