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Re: [chat] re mail

Hi Andrew,

SLUG is a volunteer run organisation. We do not have full time employees, and the committee generally doesn't have anyone available to respond to an email within 20 minutes on a good day, let alone a Sunday evening.

I believe most of your questions about the functionality of the SLUG email system were addressed in John Ferlito's response to you - http://lists.slug.org.au/archives/slug-chat/2007/05/msg00047.html dated 30 May 2007.

As to who is responsible for the SLUG email system, that would be the Committee, as per Erik's response, and there are a few of us who share the responsibility of keeping the rusty, the SLUG web and mail server, running.

Looking at the mail server logs, I can't see any email that's been rejected from your email address, though the SLUG server does employ greylisting - http://projects.puremagic.com/greylisting - and it seems that since Yahoo uses a different outbound MX address for almost every email from your account, your emails will get delayed by up to 10 minutes before being shunted through to the mailing lists.


Matt Moor

SLUG Secretary

Andrew Robertson wrote:
tell me, if someone is looking after the email system, then they have an obligation to come forward if asked, but, alas, there has been no reply, and no responce, thus meaning a lack of culpability!, there can be no other conclusion drawn!

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