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Re: [chat] Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan)

Matthew Hannigan wrote:
Actually I found some parts quite funny:

It's hillarious :-)

You'd have to admit it's one of the most successful trolls
based on the number of links and apparently genuine outrage
expended on it.

Reading the above I came across this comment about the article:

"Somewhere in the American midwest there is a man with a sense of humour so subtle that he could write a "serious" comparison of the latest version of Windows with an 8 year-old release of RH Linux. That man is Tristan, and he is living proof that at least one US citizen gets the point of irony.
Best laugh I've had in ages!"

I think that poster got it right. Tristan is laughing all the way at the comments to his articles :-) It is a joke. I for one will be reading more.

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