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Re: [chat] Linux: A European threat to our computers (by Tristan)

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 11:09:58AM +1000, Cowboy Jaq wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, craigw-blue.net.au@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >This is not a joke website, its for real.
> The whole site reads like an elaborate troll, and it's not very good either.
> Don't waste your time on it.

Actually I found some parts quite funny:

	... instead we downloaded a small shareware productivity
	utility called “BonziBuddy”.

	The installation couldn't have been simpler; The install
	icon appeared on my desk. All I had to do to install the
	program was double-click on it. There were no additional
	passwords to type in and as an additional courtesy to
	users, Windows installers often include extra programs
	that might be of interest.

	For example, my download included Claria, and
	Comet-Cursor. A review of these utilities is outside the
	scope of this article, nonetheless it was gratifying
	that the makers of Windows software have the freedom
	to innovate.


You'd have to admit it's one of the most successful trolls
based on the number of links and apparently genuine outrage
expended on it.