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Re: [chat] driving to qld

Dean Hamstead wrote:

thats not a bad summary

basically we want to do it in two days and take the quickest route
with a stop about half way (hence tamworth and macquarie)
and do it during the day during the day

so if you could recommend a route that would be helpful

Well, Port Macquarie is not halfway, its about 4 hours from Sydney and then a further 6-7 hours to Brissy. Coff Harbour would be more central on the coast and Armidale for New England. I would set sail for Tamworth, have a poke about and head up to Arrmidale for the night, its just an hour north. I would enter Brissy from the west and a bit of a stop in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs is a very pretty part of the country. This, I feel, is a good way to get there without falling into the tourist traps of the coast. Most of the entertainment in coastal towns now is simply night
clubs, if you want that, stay in Sydney/Melbourne.

Enjoy your trip