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Re: [chat] driving to qld

thats not a bad summary

basically we want to do it in two days and take the quickest route
with a stop about half way (hence tamworth and macquarie)
and do it during the day during the day

so if you could recommend a route that would be helpful


Kevin Waterson wrote:
Dean Hamstead wrote:

lol, good old slug chat.


in driving to qld this holidays, im curious about the pros
and cons of going via port macquarie or tamworth

I have lived in Port Macquarie and surrounds for the past 11 years.
I used to travel each month to SLUG meetings. I moved back to Sydney
on Tuesday. If there is a central most exciting spot in the universe, then
Port Macquarie is the spot furthest from it. I also own a block of holiday
apartments up that way http://www.oceania.net to see (currently being renovated)

The New England route does not offer oceans but does offer some extraodinary scenery and a good look at rural life style. Port Macquarie does offer fishing, but
New England has some bitchin trout hatcheries these days.

New England Hwy is a good road and much calmer now the pacific Hwy has
been upgraded in many parts and most of the cowboys in their B-Double trucks prefer the Pacific route. If you just want to get to Brissy quick with an o'night stay then go for Port Mac. If you want to see something of rural Australia, New England
is the way to go.. Is that a banjo I hear?

Kind regards

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