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Re: [chat] Using a digital camera in o/s internet cafes

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 04:36:54 +1000, Michael Lake wrote:

> Reading the Canon site one would believe that you need their Camera 
> application to download images. 

You do.  Canon don't use the standard protocols (either the USB
mass-storage protocol, or, IIRC, PTP) and you need either their app or
something else that speaks their protocol (as gphoto2 does).  And
Canon's app is one of the worst pieces of s/w I've ever had the
misfortune to use.  Apparently the group within Canon who wrote it (in
Japan) are incredibly proud of it, but everyone else thinks it's crap.

If you get a USB card reader then you don't need a special app -- I have
a Canon Powershot G2 and haven't used Canon's Windows-only app since the
day I bought it, over two years ago.  And nearly every photo on my web
site from Canada & Alaska was uploaded from 'net cafes whilst we were
there, all using the same USB card reader.


>The SMTP Protocol was designed to work in instances where the sender was
>sentient or sentient-designed, and the message was meaningful.
So was NNTP, probably. Never stopped Usenet.
            -- Maarten Wiltink in reply to Dan Holdsworth