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[chat] Using a digital camera in o/s internet cafes

Hi all

I am going to be buying a digital camera to take to Europe Czech, Slovakia and Croatia) with me in Aug/Sept. It's not a problem getting one that is supported by libgphoto and gphoto2 so I can download pics from Linux at home, but I'm wondering what experiences people have had while overseas in finding internet cafes with PCs that you can download pics off your camera onto. I will be wanting to email pics back home or upload them to my website.

Clearly the PCs need the camera drivers installed. It's likely that I will come across PC's that can't communicate with my camera and most internet cafes may not let you download and install software (hell I prob won't even be able to speak Czech).

One possibility is to have a small Linux distro on CD or USB memory stick with support for my camera. Shove that in and reboot the PC. I have come across some sites that explain how to setup either DamSmallLinux or Knoppix to boot from a memory stick. That seems nice until one reads that many PCs are not setup in the BIOS to boot from a mem stick. Also can one reboot some of those internet cafe PCs or is that locked down also?

Anyone have experiences o/s in using their digital camera?
For sending pics back I already have a gmail account and my own web site.

[ummm... I wonder if one can somehow have a gphoto binary on my website, communicate with my camera, and pull the pics off it? The website can get the IP address from logs so ....?]

Michael Lake
Chemistry, Materials & Forensic Science, UTS
Ph: 9514 1725 Fx: 9514 1460
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