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[chat] UNSW Compsoc Installfest - looking for help!


I'm the organiser of the UNSW Computing Society Installfest that is
held usually twice a year.

The first Installfest for this year is being held this Saturday at
UNSW.  We generally install Debian/Fedora/Mandrake although this year
we're looking at doing some Ubuntu installs too, although any
experience is better than none!

In the past, SLUG folks have come down to lend a hand (thanks!) so I'm
hoping some of you might be able to volunteer your Saturday for a Good

Details are:
This Saturday, April 9
10:30 - 4:30
at UNSW Oboe lab.  I'll try to put some signs up, but otherwise, it's
the building next to the gigantic sphere at the top of the University
Walk.  For those of you who have been before, it's the same lab as
always. :)

If you're interested, reply to me via email to tell me you're coming -
I'll also answer any queries thru' email.

I hope this was the right list to send to.. it seemed the most general
and hence least likely to get flamed in ;)