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Re: [chat] the 59 deceits of michael moore.

Nor on mine. Maybe you have a faulty dictionary, which converts to Ebonics?

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 23:58, Richard Neal wrote:

For starters none of the crap you posted on "spelling errors" is in the
actual text I sent.

Ive got the original file and text and what "YOU" have posted below "has
been tampered with".

If you going to stoop so low as to tamper with the original posts
content so you can have some pathetic childish attack on me then go for
its but I will flame you for everything you can muster.

And I do use a SPELL CHECKER...are you saying Ximian's spell checker is
faulty? or are you so full of yourself, that you think your pathetic
little antics will be missed by those of us not so mentally disabled.

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 23:43, James Ponza wrote:
> without wishing to get drawn into this either way... can I just point out that 
> just about all linux distros come with several dictionary/spelling tools... 
> so what is the deal with your spelling man? 
> I don't want to sound critical but it does somewhat detract from the 
> intellectual credibility of your arguments... 
> Korea... (not 'koria')
> infinite... (not 'infinit')
> they're (not 'their')
> nor (not 'nore')
> etc...
> not hard is it..
> just a few small changes and people might take you more seriously. 
> and may consider the views you present as being worthy of serious 
> consideration.
> It really doesn't matter to me... I just think it's a shame that your 
> otherwise flawless and insightful arguments may be disregarded as a result of 
> these trivial insults to the English language.
> On Monday 19 July 2004 22:47, Shaun Oliver wrote:
> > Someone much smarter than I, on Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 10:19:10PM +1000,
> > spake thus. *SNIP*
> >
> > > ooh good to see the right wing nutballs are out.
> > >
> > > OK for starters Hezbollah are in many areas the only working "social"
> > > structure around. They run free medical clinics help businesses and
> > > often run newspapers. The local government bodies in many cases are more
> > > interested lining there pockets than helping the community.
> >
> > *SNIP*
> >  Yep Hezbolah had better free
> >
> > > speech concepts than Disney......wow now thats nasty.
> > >
> > > If Michael Moore used an Isreali right wing group to distribute his
> > > movie would you still be complaining.
> > >
> > > Im not saying Hezbollah are the nicest people around but there are far
> > > worse groups on this little planet than Hezbollah and I don't see the
> > > nutty right doing a thing about it.
> >
> > And, the socialist luny left were/are any better?
> > when it all boils down to it, I don't like hezbollah any more than you
> > do nore do I agree with North koria and their take on wmd. Nore for that
> > matter does any sensible thinking person with half a brain.
> > I don't necissarily agree with disney's reasons for not distributing
> > Moore's film either, but, in a democracy, their entitled not to do so.
> > I just think that anyone who takes Michael Morre's offerings as gospel
> > is kidding themselves and doing themselves a great disservice by not
> > looking at both sides of the coin.
> > What it boils down to is this.
> > Polititions in their infinit wisdom won't do jack about north koria why?
> > because at this point in time it doesn't suit their purpose. Nore do
> > they have the greater public's support at this time.
> > even when you're not running for office you're out there vote buying and
> > anything that looks like potential eye candy you jump on.
> > I suspect though all other organizations will have their day when
> > various governments i.e. US Australian etc, decide it's time to clean
> > them out too.
> > I don't give a shit that Michael Moore made this film, that's his
> > democratic right to do so. I care that he
> > used a known terrorist organization to distribute it, and that sir I
> > have a problem with.
> >
> >
> > --
> > "I argue very well.  Ask any of my remaining friends.  I can win an
> > argument on any topic, against any opponent.  People know this, and
> > steer clear of me at parties.  Often, as a sign of their great respect,
> > they don't even invite me."
> > 		-- Dave Barry
> > Shaun Oliver
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