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Re: [chat] the 59 deceits of michael moore.

ooh good to see the right wing nutballs are out.

OK for starters Hezbollah are in many areas the only working "social"
structure around. They run free medical clinics help businesses and
often run newspapers. The local government bodies in many cases are more
interested lining there pockets than helping the community.

The real reason Michael Moore wanted to have Hezbolah distribute the
movie was to show that a radical social group like Hezbolah were happy
to let this movie be distributed in the local community but Disney and
it's right wing Republican buddies were doing everything to stop this
movie being seen by the American public.. Yep Hezbolah had better free
speech concepts than Disney......wow now thats nasty.

If Michael Moore used an Isreali right wing group to distribute his
movie would you still be complaining.

Im not saying Hezbollah are the nicest people around but there are far
worse groups on this little planet than Hezbollah and I don't see the
nutty right doing a thing about it.

How about the nutty right do something about Nth Korea who "DO" have
WMD's. Also there are witnesses and documented proof of "human chemical
experiments" on political prisoners, stuff we all said wouldn't happen
again after the Nazi Holocaust...so much for that BS pipe dream.

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 20:22, Shaun Oliver wrote:
> I've seen people pro Michael Moore. and people against Michael Moore.
> but, I erge each and everyone of you that have followed this thread and 
> responded to it read the following.
> and please pay particular attention to deceit 59.
> it would appear that Moore is enlisting the aide of Hezbollah to 
> distribute the film through siria and Lebonon.
> the url is,
> http://members.optushome.com.au/jimball_three/Fifty-nine-Deceits.htm
> The article was written by Dave Kopel
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