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Re: [chat] MS Working To Replace Open-Source Code

On Thu Jul 15, 2004 at 15:09:55 +1000, Benno wrote:
>On Thu Jul 15, 2004 at 14:59:58 +1000, invisible ink wrote:
>>> > Their fudsters don't think they can ship GPL stuff along side Windows.
>>> Well they can't right? That is the point of the GPL yes?
>>Not even remotely.
>I thought the idea was to try and get more source released 
>>> <insert long argument about what linking and derivative work means>
>>What are they linking, and how are they creating a derivative work that
>>would not also be GPLed? Easy answer: They're not.
>`Open source code' into SFU yes? Of course it didn't say what license this
>open source code was under but lets assume GPL.

Ok, after rereading the article they mean actual applications, not
code, I blame the article ;)

To me the phrase "replace all open-source code in SFU" means they are using code
in their applications, not that the are using open source applications....