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Re: [chat] Just wondering

Someone much smarter than I, on Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 05:20:42PM +1000, spake thus.
> >
> >>One positive for a message board is that it would lower the entry 
> >>barrier for some potential sluggers.
> >
> >
> >Because subscribing to a mailing list is excruciatingly difficult.  <grin>
what's difficult about it, send help to the request address and you get 
a command list and the syntax back.
> It's not so much a matter of difficulty, just personal preference. 
> People (admittedly only a small number) just aren't getting involved 
> because they can't interact in a manner they like/are used to.
> >>Another is the easier access, no need for a configured email reader 
> >>connected to a specific account, just a web browser.
> >
> >
> >Since there are no shortage of free web-based e-mail programs, I don't 
> >think
> >this argument is particularly valid.
I agree. why because reading lists and discussions isn't about how much 
you can gum up the works with html prettys and crap.
you need fast easy access and text only email is the way to go. notice I 
said text only for all those who still insist on using html in their 

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