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Re: [chat] Just wondering

Jon Teh said:
>On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 09:12:05PM +1000, Greg wrote:
>> Wouldnt a web based forum be easier to follow than a mailing list?
>> Just curious, as IMHO, and not to upset the balance of nature here, but
>> trying to follow the history of each thread is like puttung a glass
>> bottle back together after you smash it. If its a matter of never been
>> thought of, then let me be the first to propose a web forum, and the
>> first to volunteer to set it up, and host it.
>> As I said, I'm not interested in upsetting any one here, but hope to
>> improve the communication flow.
>Why don't you just set up you mail client to view messages in threaded mode?
or read the threads on the slug webpage..?

Kind regards,
Hal Ashburner