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Re: [chat] Just wondering


> Wouldnt a web based forum be easier to follow than a mailing list?  Just
> curious, as IMHO, and not to upset the balance of nature here, but trying
> to follow the history of each thread is like puttung a glass bottle back
> together after you smash it. If its a matter of never been thought of,
> then let me be the first to propose a web forum, and the first to
> volunteer to set it up, and host it.
> As I said, I'm not interested in upsetting any one here, but hope to
> improve the communication flow.

Which mail reader are you using, or are you using the archives on the SLUG
web site?

I'd recommend Google Groups or gmane as existing forum tools that can talk
to SLUG. Might even be worth linking them up on the website and even the
archive pages themselves.

(Personally, I too find web forums a horrific way to participate in online

- ii

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