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Re: [chat] Linux vs St George Internet Banking

Being employed by STG Bank, I can tell you the problem is not with Linux
users, but with the bank. I work in the Ibank area, and have been
working with the WebDev guys on a fix for this, and also, to see where
the problem lies....

And it's a server side error, with Browser Hawk, which they use to
identify and direct customers to the appropriate file. IE, Mac directed
to a .jar, and Win* to a .cab. For some reason, Linux users are directed
to the MSJVM cab file/applet, which wont load. At this time, they are
looking at the changes, but since linux isnt a supported OS, It won't
happen anytime soon.


I spent a few days running tests, and cam eup with a fix.
Change your browser ID to IE5.0 on MACPPC...best browser to use would be
Konqueror. Once you have the STG home page loaded, click TOOLS, and
CHANGE BROWSER ID to IE5.0 on MACPPC. then login and it works fine.

Within the next 12-18mo, this will be moot, since we're swapping over to
an HTML style of banking, and dropping the java version, with Java being
gone totally within 24mo (or so they say)