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Re: [chat] Lies?

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 01:20, Shaun Oliver wrote:

> Having said that however, it seems to be his idea or interperetation of 
> events.

Michael Moore makes it quite clear in interviews that this film
("Farenheit 9/11") is an opinion piece, by actually stating it is an
opinion piece. His opinions though, as I understand it (not having seen
this film yet either) are rooted firmly in facts, as are his other works
("The Awful Truth", "Bowling for Columbine", "Stupid White Men", "Dude,
Where's My Country").

The best thing about his works is that they are starting to wake up
complacent American non-voters to some of the many wrongs their
government has taken part in and that perhaps they wont get a president
that most of them don't want next election.

What hope do we have though? We have a Prime Minister who only got 49%
of the vote! Yes Labor did poll 51% but the swing to them was in the
seats they held, and our system works on the majority of seats, not the
majority of voters.


You tread upon my patience.
-- William Shakespeare, "Henry IV"

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