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[chat] What's the time?

So Jeff posts to a mailing list before me, and I notice his post is
dated after mine.  What?  I check my date, compare it with other
NTP-enabled servers around me, all is good, my date is correct.

Oh there he is on IRC:

<Kantanker> jdub: anyway, have you fixed your clock yet?
<jdub> yes
<jdub> Krankypants
<Kantanker> NTP is your friend
<jdub> is fscking not
<Kantanker> well, it's mine, anyway
<ross> jdub: what is so evil about ntp?  
<ross> jdub: do you have a phobia about clock syncing?
<jdub> ross: dude, aliens from hell? sound evil to you?
<Kantanker> ross: he's just making excuses
<ross> jdub: i think it's fair to say that if i met an alien from hell,
that he would be not very pleasent, yes.
<Kantanker> NTP is evil because: 
<Kantanker> (a) it doesn't have a GNOME front end
<Kantanker> (b) it doesn't have an LDAP back end
<Kantanker> (c) P doesn't stand for "pants"

Well, there was no response.

Would anyone, Jeff or otherwise, like to expound the graces or evils of


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