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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Windoze XP "registration" procedure

Conrad Parker wrote:

Let's look at calendaring, everyone's favourite beef.

There is a big thread on calendaring in Mozilla. If this is an issue get into it....

Well, it may work seamlessly, but does it work optimally? What are we
missing out on?

Absolutely. Samba first of all was supporting a fairly open DEC protocol. Then M$ buggered it up, deliberately!! And it continues to try. What about the specialise ie proxy sign on so that I cannot use Mozzilla at work when ie screws up and mozilla works and ie does not on one desktop and not another!

Word Processors?

Jeff, how much easier would office automation and "corporate memory" type

I pull in word documents from work into OO and return them. It works! It is free! I do steer clear of diagrams though this tends to be where the problems are. Work does not know any difference!

I cannot believe how anal businesses are. I am currently fighting a battle to get gzip installed. It has been running without changes for five years on the data that I want to unzip. They will not allow it on the box due to their new licensing policy. Now this would be good for Open Software if it made sense. I have been asking them to take out a support contract with an OO vendor. I know the money will be put into good use paying for bright boys to develop open software. They propose an untried pkzip because it is a reliabel vendor, right based upon the time we tried in on MVS I dont think so...

Finally I wanted to have proprietry open source (no way would they support GPL!). So put the code out there so that company programmers can fix their own problems. No go! All fixes are controlled by our team, no one else can see the code. How do you sell these concepts to the PHM!

I am off to test some open office patches.....


PS:  Appologies for the rant,   it was a shitty day....