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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Windoze XP "registration" procedure

begin Conrad Parker quotation:

> > In my own little world of Free Software, this may be true. In the real
> > world? Probably slightly short of bloody ridiculous.
> > 
> > Discuss.
> > 
> > ;)

[ snip ]

Yes, yes, yes! This is good "Discuss", top marks, etc. :)

[ Background: I've been pushing Sol1 towards doing client-side stuff with
Free Software for a while. Our firewalls and server stuff are going great,
of course, but I really want to help crack the desktop. Thus my ever
increasing involvement in GNOME, etc. With OpenOffice, improvements in
KDE/GNOME and more of our dudes using Free Software desktops, it's looking a
hell of a lot brighter - so now I am acting as the devil's advocate, finding
all the holes in what's available. There are, hrm, lots of holes to be
filled in GNOME. ;) Some of these are probably good for another thread.
Meanwhile, I have to get back to GNOME hacking. :) ]

- ii

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