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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Windoze XP "registration" procedure

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 11:53:22AM +1100, Conrad Parker (conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 11:21:53AM +1100, invisible ink wrote:
> > begin Jobst Schmalenbach quotation:


> Word Processors?
> Jeff, how much easier would office automation and "corporate memory" type
> systems be with customised, structured documents? Free software people
> are really getting into structured document formats: SGML, XML, using
> various special purpose DTDs. We could well have had this world, that we
> are now starting to see, ten years ago if the big app manufacturers hadn't
> painted us into thinking we need generic, proprietary word processors.
> Next time you're looking at a directory full of .doc files and you'd
> like to extract everything Jim wrote about the MegaWidget product, be sure
> to thank Microsoft for defending such a fricking useless proprietary
> format.

We use Lotus Smartsuite, and I can scan docs fairly simple.
People say that it is impossible to NOT have Office. We have ONE copy on 
a CD, not installed. This is  for those reare cases we cannot import the 
DOC format into WordPro.

When we send out documents, we send them in PDF (and I can tell you we
send out about 50k a day!), most of these are reports, some
of them are proposals.

What do the people realize that are NOT working in our company?

 - it is possible without M$ prodcuts

What do people see within our company.

 - it is entirely possible without M$ prodcuts
 - They think that our computer system is incredible
 - They know Linux as incredible stable and versatile.

What does it do for the linux community.

 - A lot.


Because people see that it is possible without M$ (I only
use WinNT for the clients, every other product is NON microsoft)

I think THIS is the way we can show the world that there are
other and better way doing things.[1]


[1] People say we need to get rid of B.Gates, I say not.
    Lets show him that we can crack his empire, than at the
    end of your time you can turn around and say "YES" but
    Billy Boy will say "Oh NO!" and that will hurt him like

The road to wisdom is long, so pack a big lunch!

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