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Re: [chat] Re: [SLUG] Windoze XP "registration" procedure

begin Mary Gardiner quotation:

> I think this one is the most important, probably in part because I'm not
> actually a believer in "information wants to be free."

Yeah, that's such a trite piece of quasi-fuzzy.

> I think programmers are entitled to sell their wares if they so choose,
> and hence any restriction on propriety licences is a great gift.

Sorry, usual reply... Sell all you want, even if it's 'free' or 'Free'. I
find proprietary software to *generally* be suboptimal in the Open Source
case (technically) and the Free Software case (socially).

[ My background is mostly in the use of the most proprietary of proprietary
software; graphic design, 3d modelling, custom built crazy stuff, etc., and
they have the most kickarse support ever. Like, really damn cool. You get to
talk to some random hacker dude who knows *exactly* what you're on about
technically and artistically -> it doesn't get better than that. ]

- ii

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