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[chat] Re: [SLUG] A smallish LaTeX problem.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 04:07:09PM +1000, Michael Lake wrote:
> Michael Lake wrote:
> > Bill Bennett wrote:
> > > The chapter involved is called 4.10.2 PSTricks programming
> > > examples. and the Figure 4.3 is entitled "A polygon language
> > > written in PSTricks by Denis Girou.
> ....
> > The other file, pstpoly, seems to need some more searching.
> > Does not show up on ctan but there are lots of links to what 
> > appears to be it on google.
> Ah on ctan enter it in the filename search section as "pst-poly" and there you will find it !
> Mike

It's like reading a stream of consciousness. Some people need three
attempts at giving the correct answer, what happened to the days of
only posting when you absolutely knew you were right ?

It's a bit like the recent "Filenames with spaces - and using a shell script."
thread, where six or seven people fired off wildly incorrect answers to
someone's problem, leaving the only correctly posted answer (taking into
account newlines using the null terminating options of find and xargs)
acting as the proverbial needle in the haystack.

People are sometimes more eager than helpful.