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Re: [chat] Editor anxiety

On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 11:16:44PM +1100, invisible ink wrote:
> begin Paul Cameron quotation:
> > It's easier to write a LISP interpreter in Perl than it is to write a Perl
> > interpreter in LISP. Obviously, Perl is more powerful.
> I c4n int3rpr3t p3rl in SED!!!!!111 Ther4 SED is m0re powefull!!!!!11 man, 1
> c0uld c0d3 yu0r A1B0 in TR!! l4m3r!!!!!!11

You appear to have misconfigured your spelling checker.

Top ten ways jdub could have misconfigured his spelling checker:
  1) installed some gnome crap
  2) uninstalled some gnome crap
  3) apt-get gone bad
  4) fuck knows
  5) experimented with /dev/urandom in attempt to determinate new words
  6) misbound emacs ispell combo to echo irc logs
  7) followed Catie Flick's lead, mistook leather jacket for RAM slot
  8) mistook keyboard for leather jacket
  9) mistook mouse for karaoke microphone
 10) mad sed skillz were not so mad and not so skillful

Please rectify.